Pondering this

5 03 2011

I have found myself pondering these words with a question:

when she says the words
you long to hear
to everyone
to no one
to the aether

Pretend they’re for you
if that makes you feel better
You’re everyone
You’re no one.
You’re the aether

What if a dream makes you happy? Is it okay to live in that dream if not having it be your reality doesn’t bring you down? What if it brings you down sometimes, but not as often or as much as it makes you happy? If you remember or imagine your head on her shoulder, the feel of her hands, the myriad bits of color in her eyes and how they combine to form an impression and that’s enough, do you really do yourself a service to remember how it really is? I know the ‘correct’ answer, but is it the right one?




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